Labor Only Auto Repair   2001 County Road 137  Hutto,TX78634   (512) 846-2275
Labor Only Auto Repair
2001 County Road 137
HuttoTX 78634
 (512) 846-2275

Reviews Of Labor Only Auto Repair

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Chris S.
Mar 17, 2018

"Rear End Replacement--Silverado 429,000 miles" My rear end went completely out on the toll road (290hwy/What a day! ). I contacted Labor Only and informed them I was having the truck towed into the shop on Sunday..On Monday morning I received a call informing me of the issue with the truck. On Tuesday the truck was ready to roll!! Truck drives great and attention to detail was applied to ensure a correct fit. It's great to knowing that HONEST mechanics still exist!!! I reccomended them to all of my friends!

Toni B.
Mar 16, 2018

Toni said that the business double checked work that had been done the week before. They were fast, efficient and gave her a very fair price.

Rachel B.
Mar 16, 2018

Rachel said the service was good. She is happy with the results.

Mark M.
Mar 16, 2018

Mark said he would highly recommend this business for service. Evan was an honest mechanic.

Terri A.
Mar 14, 2018

Terri said the staff stayed late to help her with her vehicle, so she could work out of it. They had a few issues taking the parts off, but did not charge her extra. The service was excellent.

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